" Wally is the real deal. His knowledge of his field of training, wisdom, experience, compassion and authentic desire to improve the lives of others is highly impressive. He genuinely cares about the quality of your life and only wants take it better, With his help, I have lost 270 pounds and am moving in the right direction. I was diagnosed with diabetes with an A1C reading of 9.1, which is both horrible and dangerous. I less that 250 days , I have lost the weight and lowered my A1C to 5.1, which is well within normal range.The diabetes has been eradicated from my live fully. If you are sincere about effective , meaningful and permanent transformation then this clearly is the answer. I can honestly say that Wally Post has changed my life---he is ready to change yours." ~ Sean B.

After dealing with insomnia for many years I finally decided to try hypnosis. I was skeptical but tired of taking sleeping pills and still only sleeping about 4-5 hours a night. Now after working with Wally I am amazed I sleep 7 solid hours every night without prescription sleep aids! Wally's presistence & patience helped me overcome my nearly 20 year battle with sleep!" ~ Katie S. 

"I first went to see Wally in September of 2015. I was having some stress and anxiety issues. After the very first session I know I had gone to the right place. He make me feel very comfortable and assured me that I wan not alone and that he could help me. 

That is exactly what happened. My stress was no longer an issue or my anxiety. He also help me to learn to help myself. I have also come to know Wally is a good listener, which helps him fine tune his sessions just for me." ~ David T.


"​This last week I've gotten a lot of compliments on my progress. Somebody told me I had a glow about me now! Clothes are fitting better. My mind is now looking at food as fuel and not a glazing experience. Things are looking up! Thanks for the tools and coaching along this journey. Wally(Anderson Hypnosis Center)" ~ Tari H.


"I went to Wally as a 'last ditch effort' to ease pain in my ribs one week before my very first marathon. Through one treatment of hypnosis I was able to finish my first marathon with no rib pain at all!" ~ Lora D.  

"Since I have been visiting Wally, I have lost 20 pounds over 3 months and feel mentally and physically better than I have in years. The program has given me the tools to gain control of my health that I have never had before. I highly recommend Wally Post and Anderson Hypnosis Center to get your life back in control." ~ Tim W.

"I called the Anderson Hypnosis Center because my life was completely out of control. I was unable to sleep more than a few hours a night. When I tried to sleep my brain would be bombarded with problems and thoughts of everything that was going on in this world and my personal life.

After a visit to the Anderson Hypnosis Center and talking to Wally Post, I under went hypnosis. The first night after my visit I was able to sleep twelve hours. I now sleep nine to ten hours a night and wake feeling great.

I would recommend to anyone who is open to the power of suggestion to absolutely try the Anderson Hypnosis Center.

To Wally: I thank you." ~ Jimmie


"I have not felt pain free in 10 years! And I'm still doing good!" ~ Debby V.


"The hypnosis session I had really opened up avenues of creativity with my writing. The ideas for a new series of children's books seemed to come from no where."

"The technique helped me get rid of a severe fear of snakes that I have carried around my entire life. It is gone!" ~ Nancy Z.


"Wow the confidence and trust I now have is amazing. Thanks to Wally Post and his awesome innovative techniques. My mind, body and spirit have been transformed. In addition, my weight loss goals are easily being met by using his suggestions. My eating and exercise habits have changed for the better and feels like I have always been this way! The lifestyle change I always wanted is now being changed easily with hypnosis sessions." ~ Janyelle H


"Before treatments with Wally, I suffered from panic attacks, difficulty sleeping, and headaches. After my hypnotherapy sessions I have been able to fall asleep with ease and have better control over my stress!" ~ Lois M.


WALLY POST, CH - Certified Consulting Hypnotist

"I smoked for 27 years and tried quitting too many times to count with no success. I tried Chantix, Wellbutrin, and all of the tobacco cessation products on the market. I finally have success thanks to Wally! I am now a non-smoker living a healthier life with the ability to breathe easier and have less pain. I am forever grateful." ~Tammie C.

" Wally has helped me so much. After the death of my husband of 48 years I wan having problems moving on. After a session were Wally told me put these sad feelings in a box and put them away. I am amazed at how much that helped me with the Grief I was having. ~ Peg M.

"Wally helped me overcome my fear of flying! I had a wonderful time in Hawaii and the plane rides were fine. I was not scared, and the exercises he gave me came in handy. Thank you!!!" ~ Brenda F.




" I was amazed and thankful to Wally for helping me clear away the clutter in my mind and trust my subconscious thoughts. I highly recommend Wally. Yes helping me to become a more active listener. He's trustworthy, kind,and passionate about helping others." ~ Kyle M.

"After a serious car accident, I have experienced chronic pain, trying everything for relief, to no avail. Thanks to Wally, I am PAIN FREE!! ~ Carleen W.G. 


"Wally has helped me overcome negative self-talk and intense anxiety attacks that happened anytime I decided to go for a run. I can now keep my mind calm and relaxed on the way to my workout. I am able to focus on what I want my workout to be and enjoy it instead of feeling intense dread. I am more confident and am experiencing a new freedom thanks to Wally!" ~ April L.

"While I have never been heavy, I have also never been fit. With Wally's help I have become more confident, motivated, and have achieved all of the goals I have set for this summer. In other words, Better, Faster, Stronger!!" ~ Tracy M.

​"Wally helped me meet my goals of weight loss, and more importantly, L lowered my A1C from borderline diabetic to NORMAL!!! Thank you, Anderson Hypnosis Center!!" ~ Patti S.


"After seeing the ad for hypnosis, I started thinking, what do I have to lose? I spoke to family about it and a RN nurse friend. All thought it was a good idea. Plus, one of my relatives had gone to see Wally and was thrilled with the results. 

When I went to see Wally Post, he was certain he could help me if I wanted help. We worked on the smoking and the stress. I believe the key for me was the stress.

I quit smoking that day. I Do Not miss it. I don't crave them. I never craved food or junk instead. No anxiety. Fantastic. Sometimes people would say, Congratulations on the smoking, and I would be confused for a second, and then laugh inside. It was like I didn't ever think of myself as a former smoker. That's cool." ~ Tammy B.

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